Club Calendar

We meet in Danville at the Danville's Womens Club on Linda Messa Ave, on Tuesday evenings between 6:00:pm and 8.00pm four times a month.


July 18th - The hall's not available so we will have a quick outing round Blackhawk Plaza, we will meet at Starbuck at 6:30pm.

July 25th - 6:10-6:50pm we will work on paw pad games, and caring for your baby pup.   7:00-8:00pm Teaching polite food taking, and what we can use for high value if needed.

July 29th - GDB Fun Day San Rafael Campus

Aug 1st - Evals with Tami

Aug 8th- 6:10-7:00 we will cover nail trimming and teeth brushing.  7:00-8:00pm Grooming, ears, teeth and nails, bring your grooming supplies

Aug 12th - Oakland Ferry to Pier 39 SF

Aug 15th - Outing to the Fire Department in Danville

Aug 22nd - No Meeting 

Aug 29th - 5th Tuesday no meeting

Sept 3rd - Highland Games Pleasanton Outing

Sept 5th - Club Anniversary Party

Sept 12th - 6:10-6:50pm we will cover some body handling and calm puppy passing.  7:00-8:00pm we will work on body sensitivity and layovers with other handlers.

Sept 19th 6:10-6:50pm car rides with your baby pup, were to put your pup, do they get car sick etc.  7:00-8:00pm meeting we will have the pups get in and out of different cars and talk about any issues you've had with your pup car related.

Sept 26th -  6:10-6:50 we will work on distractions, how to build on our tethering games and add distractions. 7:00-8:00pm we will work the dogs outside and deal with distractions.

Oct 3rd - Evals with Tami

Oct 10th - 6:10-6:50pm appropriate socialization for baby pups, how do we build a good foundation.  7:00-8:00pm we will continue to talk about socialization, how to read you pup, they all develop at their own pace.

Oct 17th - We will meet at the club hall at 6:30pm and will take the pups on an outing round Danville, covering Tami's route for evals and going into Lunardi's store.

Oct 22th - Outing to the Pumpkin Patch

Oct 24th - 

Oct 31st - Halloween Party

Nov 7th -

Nov 14th - Outing 

Nov 21st -

Nov 28th -

Dec 5th - Evals with Tami

Dec 7th - GDB Holiday Luncheon 

Dec 12th - Club Xmas Party

Dec 19th - 

Dec 26th - Christmas Break

Jan 2nd - New Year Break

                                        San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs. San Francisco East Bay.

                                           Puppy Raising, Guide Dogs For The Blind CA.

                                                   Helping the blind one puppy at a time.


                Northern California Guide dog puppy raisers, based in the San Francisco East Bay.

                                                      Bay Area Guide Dog Puppy Raising.