Club Calendar

We meet in Danville at the Danville's Womens Club on Linda Messa Ave, on Tuesday evenings between 6:00:pm and 8.00pm four times a month.


Sept 19th -  6:10-7:00pm This week this meeting is open to all members as we will work with all pups on getting in and out of different cars then age appropriate pups will walk at 7:00pm down to the Town Council meetingWe will be attending the Town of Danville Town Council meeting to receive a proclamation in support of Guide Dog Awareness month.  The Town Meeting hall is located at 201 Front Street Danville.

Sept 26th -  6:10-6:50 for new members and baby puppies, we will work on distractions, how to build on our tethering games and add distractions. 7:00-8:00pm open to all members, we will work the dogs outside and deal with distractions.

Oct 3rd - Evals with Tami

Oct 10th - 6:10-6:50pm for new members and baby puppies,  appropriate socialization for baby pups, how do we build a good foundation.  7:00-8:00pm open to all members and pups 5mths+ we will continue to talk about socialization, how to read you pup, they all develop at their own pace.

Oct 17th - We will meet at the club hall at 6:30pm and will take the pups on an outing round Danville, covering Tami's route for evals and going into Lunardi's store.

Oct 22th - Outing to the Pumpkin Patch

Oct 24th Halloween Party

Oct 31st - No meeting 5th Tuesday

Nov 7th -  6:10-6:50pm for new members and baby pups, we will work on introduction to crates and crate behavior.  7:00-8:00pm open to all members, we will continue on crate behavior and tie-downs.

Nov 14th - Outing to Pleasanton Down town 

Nov 21st -

Nov 28th -

Dec 5th - Evals with Tami

Dec 7th - GDB Holiday Luncheon 

Dec 12th - Club Xmas Party

Dec 19th - 

Dec 26th - Christmas Break

Jan 2nd - New Year Break

                                        San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs. San Francisco East Bay.

                                           Puppy Raising, Guide Dogs For The Blind CA.

                                                   Helping the blind one puppy at a time.


                Northern California Guide dog puppy raisers, based in the San Francisco East Bay.

                                                      Bay Area Guide Dog Puppy Raising.