Club Calendar

We meet in Danville at the Danville's Womens Club on Linda Mesa Ave, on Tuesday evenings between 6:00:pm and 8.00pm four times a month.


Mar 20th - Outing to Costco

Mar 25th - 2:15pm Danville Bowl outing.

Mar 27th -  6:10-6:50pm for new members and baby pups we will cover tethering games and introducing recall.  7:00-8:00pm for pups over 5mths, we will cover Food Induced Recall.

Apr 3rd -  Evals with Tami

Apr 10th -  6:10 -6:50 Baby Puppies 7:00-8:00pm. Clean food handling, Pezzing and Luring.

Apr 17th6:10PM - 6:50 PM Puppies 5 Months and Younger. 7:00-8:00- Everyone - Topic for both meeting- Monthly Report Writing.

Apr 24th - 6:15 PM- 8:00PM - Spring Fling Pot Luck come say good bye to Gail Horn and Stacey Simon.

May 1st

May 8th - 

May 15th -

May 19th - Bass Pro Shop

May 22nd - 

May 29th - 5th Tuesday No meeting

Jun - Date to be determined San Jose Giants Game

June 2nd - Raisers Workshop with Tami The Danville Grange Hall.

July 3rd - Evals with Tami

July 14th Guide Dogs for the Blind Fun Day San Rafael

July 21st Guide Dogs for the Blind Fun Day Boring, Oregon

Aug 14th - Evals with Tami

Aug - Concert in the Park - San Ramon on a Sunday afternoon

Sept 4th - Club's Annual Party

Oct 9th - Evals with Tami

Oct 16th - Pumpkin Patch Outing

Oct 22nd - Tips for Change 

Nov 10th - Danville Farmers Market and then a Dog Wash

Dec - Holiday Luncheon ( optional cost to raisers)

Dec 4th - Evals with Tami

                                        San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs. San Francisco East Bay.

                                           Puppy Raising, Guide Dogs For The Blind CA.

                                                   Helping the blind one puppy at a time.


                Northern California Guide dog puppy raisers, based in the San Francisco East Bay.

                                                      Bay Area Guide Dog Puppy Raising.