San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs  Helping the blind, one puppy at a time.
Puppy raising for Guide Dogs For The Blind, San Rafael CA.


Guide Dogs For The Blind CA.  Please call 800-295-4050  or  415-499-4000 


 Please join us and raise a Guide Dog Puppy. We meet in Danville on Tuesday evenings from 7:pm. to Four times a month. Leave a message on our contact page, and we will be in touch soon.


Home of "pennies for puppies" save pennies, and help us raise a Guide Dog puppy. Thank you! Donation boxes available.

Local Sponsors welcome!

email us at or

  Members coming from Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. San Francisco East Bay CA

Guide Dog's For The Blind Donations Page: Please specify donations go to: San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs

                                        San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs. San Francisco East Bay.

                                           Puppy Raising, Guide Dogs For The Blind CA.

                                                   Helping the blind one puppy at a time.


                Northern California Guide dog puppy raisers, based in the San Francisco East Bay.